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Our specialist family mediation process, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution, combines mediation with family law expertise. Our team of lawyer mediators is led by Marilyn Stowe, one of the UK’s best-known family lawyers.

If your case is suitable for family mediation, Stowe Family Law Settlements’ friendly, straight-talking lawyer mediators will meet with you and your former partner. They will review and discuss the likely outcome of your case if it went to court, help both of you to decide upon the best possible solution and draw up a formal agreement.

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Review 10 Good Reasons

For Coming To Us

Court proceedings, which pit one party against the other, can be unpleasant and stressful. Afterwards, parties may feel “cheated” and former partners can be left unable to discuss even minor matters.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution service, which includes family mediation, can help couples to avoid court proceedings altogether.

Our forensic accountants can obtain accurate financial information an review swiftly. Save time, save money and benefit from our family mediation team’s expertise. Preserve your family’s privacy. There is nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

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You Leave With


A formal agreement, drafted by our lawyer mediators and signed by you and your former partner, which can be incorporated into a court order.

Clear, comprehensive instructions so that you can file any necessary paperwork with the court.

A fresh beginning!

When a family law dispute is resolved in this civil and dignified way, bypassing the stress and the confrontational nature of court proceedings, it can be easier for you and your loved ones to move on with your lives.

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Stowe Family Law Settlements is a specialist family mediation practice in the UK. We provide Mediation & Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) and a family mediation service dedicated to helping couples whose relationships have broken down, but who wish to avoid court.

Launched by the highly-respected family law team behind leading firm Stowe Family Law, Stowe Family Law Settlements’ family mediation service provides a civil and cost-effective alternative to unwanted, protracted courtroom battles.

Our trained mediators are all experienced family lawyers. They can help you and your former partner to resolve family law disputes, including divorce, separation and children cases, with privacy and dignity.

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To make an appointment at one of our Stowe Family Law Settlements offices in Yorkshire, Cheshire or London, contact our Practice Manager Morna Rose or send an email (below). Our opening hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

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